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  • 1.0.3-RC1   Release candidate #1 for postActiv 1.0.3

    This tag represents the first release candidate for postActiv version 1.0.3


    • Instance-level blocking of bad domains
    • Instance-level filtering of usernames from notices (for blocking bots, etc)
    • New profile fields for out-of-band communications (XMPP, etc)
    • Security checks unified
    • Auto-installer script for Debian GNU/Linux
    • Added Vagrant deployment files
    • Printing of file/line where exceptions are raised, in log output
    • CheckSchema no longer critically fails if an event hook raises an exception or errors out
    • Fix for extraneous blank lines in feeds
    • SchemaCheck configuration changed to use script by default (big performance boost)
    • Over a hundred files of code now have documentation
    • Split unmaintened plugins into seperate repos
    • Major backend reorganization of codebase
    • Codebase audited to provide proper attribution
    • RabbitMQ errors with STOMP queue resolved
    • Fix for Invites not working
    • Now passes PHP strict standards compliance

    Known Issues:

    • New profile fields sometimes do not create properly
    • Subscription that fails because of no remote profile doesn't attempt to create profile
    • CLI install script gives deprecation warnings
    • Multi-site config files not picked up from /etc/postactiv/
    • Feed re-discovery needs to be improved

    Code Contributors to this Version:

    • Maiyannah Bishop
    • Bob Mottram
    • Normandy
    • Neil E Hodges
    • Moonman
    • David Yip
    • Sebastien Hubner
    • Mitchell Urgero
    • Sina Mashek
    • Kit Redgrave
    • Mikael Nordfeldth (upstream @ GNU social)
    • Sandro Santilli (upstream @ GNU social)
    • Chimo (upstream @ GNU social)

    Financial Supporters of this Version:

    • Robek
    • Extropic
    • Kit Redgrave
    • bwn
    • Neil E Hodges
    • Sungo
    • Vinzenz Vietzke
    • DJ Sundog
    • David Yip
    • Pavel Penev
    • Gregory Marco
    • Bryan Tsang
    • Thomas Karpiniec
    • Sonya Mann

    If you want to support further development of postActiv, consider donating financially to our patreon: https://www.patreon.com/postActiv - or even better, hacking on the code with us!

  • 1.0.2   postActiv 1.0.2 release master copy

    Major changes:

    • Redis queue contributed by Neil E Hodges
    • Clean-up of Poll module code
    • Moving non-optional plugins to modules and optional ones into their own repos
    • Reogranization of code to be more sensible
    • Moving supplementary media to a central /media/ directory
    • Documentation of many undocumented options

    Key Contributors for this Version:

    • Maiyannah Bishop
    • Neil E Hodges
    • Normandy
  • 1.0.1   postActiv 1.0.1 release master copy

    Major Changes:

    • Vagrant packaging
    • Standardization of file headers
    • Authorship audit in file headers
    • Various security fixes from upstream

    Major Contributors to This Version:

    • Maiyannah Bishop
    • Verius