Commit b5628b28 authored by Maiyannah Bishop's avatar Maiyannah Bishop

Let's also yknow, set it to the right thing too.

parent 024c5f72
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ key, value = rex.match(params, [[^(?i)(?:config) ([\S]+) ([\S]+)$]])
if (key) then
Valkryja.Debug('key = '..tostring(key).. " value = "..tostring(value), true)
if (Config[key]) then
Config[key] = key
Config[key] = value
Valkryja.SystemMessage("Value of <yellow>".. key .."<reset> has been set to <yellow>"..value.."<reset>")
Valkryja.SystemMessage("Config key named <yellow>".. key .."<reset> was <red>not found<BlueViolet>.")
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