Commit 9ab1a5c5 authored by Maiyannah Bishop's avatar Maiyannah Bishop

[Imp] Add an additional delay to turning off the harvesting variable for pyroglacia

Progress towards #212
parent 6cd0c958
......@@ -622,7 +622,7 @@ end
tempTimer(Valkryja.DetermineStepTiming(38), [[send("ab pyroglacia submersion")]] )
-- Clear the harvesting var
tempTimer(Valkryja.DetermineStepTiming(39), [[Character.Abilities.Pyroglacia.Harvesting = nil]] )
tempTimer((tonumber(Valkryja.DetermineStepTiming(39))+1.0), [[Character.Abilities.Pyroglacia.Harvesting = nil]] )
<eventHandlerList />
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