Commit 90921995 authored by Maiyannah Bishop's avatar Maiyannah Bishop

[Imp] Implement gag of DK wielding spam for #241

parent 9ddd2848
......@@ -3990,6 +3990,8 @@ damage_remaining_minor = nil</script>
<string>^You swing ([A-z \'\-\_\,]+) at ([A-z \'\-\_\,]+) with a powerful strike\.$</string>
<string>^With a lightning-quick motion\, you slash ([A-z \'\-\_\,]+) with ([A-z \'\-\_\,]+)\.$</string>
<string>^Damage dealt\: ([0-9]+) (\(some resisted\) )?Remaining: ([0-9]+)\.([0-9]+)\%$</string>
<string>^You are already wielding ([A-z \'\-\_\,]+) in your left hand\.$</string>
<string>^You are already wielding ([A-z \'\-\_\,]+) in your right hand\.$</string>
......@@ -3997,6 +3999,8 @@ damage_remaining_minor = nil</script>
<TriggerGroup isActive="yes" isFolder="yes" isTempTrigger="no" isMultiline="no" isPerlSlashGOption="no" isColorizerTrigger="no" isFilterTrigger="no" isSoundTrigger="no" isColorTrigger="no" isColorTriggerFg="no" isColorTriggerBg="no">
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