Commit 86f3044e authored by Maiyannah Bishop's avatar Maiyannah Bishop

[Imp] Fix typo

parent a762334b
......@@ -631,7 +631,7 @@ function Kauna.Imperian.Hotbar.DrawButtons()
-- use user-supplied values
Kauna.setF3Button(f3action, f3icon, f3tooltip)
Kauna.setF2Button("Kauna.Imperian.Hotbar.F3", "btn-imp-sipmana.png", "Kauna.Imperian.Tooltips.DisplayF3Tooltip")
Kauna.setF3Button("Kauna.Imperian.Hotbar.F3", "btn-imp-sipmana.png", "Kauna.Imperian.Tooltips.DisplayF3Tooltip")
f3action, f3icon, f3tooltip, f3override = nil, nil, nil, nil
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